Madden Mobile Game: Making the Right Moves and Right Touch

Madden Mobile game is a simple game of American football. It just follows a few techniques and strategies that are used to play a very exciting and rewarding game. The game is all about attack and defense and the way you make the pass and the run. Defending tactics and offensive tactics are well planned to score points and to win games. Once you choose the play, you will be taken to the field.

Button Movement

Madden Mobile game can be played on Android and iOS apps. The buttons found in the game are operated using the touch screen devise by which you have to move the buttons in the direction of the movement of the ball. In the same manner, the kicking movement is made using the ball swipe movement on the kick meter which is a facility that is provided by the game on the screen of your mobile. The meter shows the kicking power and the real time. This power is also seen through the color change on the meter. The Swipe control shows the direction and the power of the kick.By careful movement of the button you can manipulate the game and the players in making proper and deft aims and throws to score winning points.


The Auction

You can also auction players on the Auction. You can search for posted auctions or post an auction yourself through the Sell button. You can track the items posted for auction or for what you have made a bid for. To sell on the auction, you have to select the item for sale and drag the player and drop the item onto the slot. When you touch on the Pulldown menu, you can sort the items sold according to the special team, collectibles, offensive and defensive players. When you want to bid for a player, you can analyze the attributes of the player, the current price quoted, the starting price and the time of the auction. Madden Mobile game can be played better by using coins and collectibles using the madden mobile hack to play with unlimited resources which are available for free.

The Offense and the Defense

The Offense Skill is moved by tapping on the button to run with the all while the dive, juke, stiff arm are used for Offense Skill. You can perform the juke by swiping to the right at the right time. Analog stick has to be moved to choose a pass play; for the lob pass, tap on the icon of the receiver. Use the Throw Away Button to throw the ball. Make sure to adjust the defenders before starting on the play by use of the touch controls. You can also switch players by tapping on the player to be switched with the finger. Defense moves such as big hits, dive tackles and ball strips can be performed using Skill move touch. Snapping the ball and calling Time out to pause the game are done by tapping on the screen.

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