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Navast Courier Service


Do you need an urgent town-to-town courier service in Singapore? Speed and efficiency in our courier deliveries are our main focus. If you are in town and need an item delivered urgently (under 2 hours), use our team of extremely efficient and experienced couriers.


Your documents & parcels are very important to you. Likewise, what is very important to you is very important to us too. Our widely trusted Singapore local couriers will keep your documents & parcels secure and confidential.


Are you unable to find a courier delivery for your company's needs? Whether you need an urgent or even a weekend delivery, we're always here for you! When others stop taking orders at 1pm or 2pm, we take same day delivery orders up till 5pm late! Our couriers are always here for your local delivery needs in Singapore.

Town-to-Town Courier Services

Singapore town to town courier

Navast specializes in document & small parcel local courier service in Singapore's Central Business District (CBD) as well as central locations. With a highly experienced team of in-house couriers, Navast brings speed & dependability for your needs.

Whether you require courier of documents / items to another company, to the bank or perhaps just to a friend, Navast provides you the quickest possible turnaround time when it comes to town-to-town delivery services.

Freight Forwarding Singapore

freight forwarding Singapore

Importing goods into Singapore? Many businesses in Singapore need to bring in goods & products from overseas, but are not sure how to retrieve it once it reaches Singapore's shores. Navast offers local freight forwarding services in Singapore for such businesses.

Navast offers both van & lorry capacity to pick up & deliver your goods to either your warehouse, office, or perhaps even your personal home. You never need to worry about freight forwarding anymore.

Courier Singapore-to-Malaysia

courier service Singapore to Malaysia

Need to send documents, parcels or goods across the border and between Singapore and Malaysia? We provide smooth and accountable 2 ways courier services between Singapore and Malaysia. Get our cross border courier services at attractive rates!

Why waste your or your workers' productive time queuing for long hours to pass through customs, and experience the terrible traffic conditions? Leave it up to us - the experts at Singapore  - Malaysia courier services!

Town to Town Local Delivery  Same day before 6pm
Urgent: Within 1-2 hours
First 2.5kg*
$8 - $15 $14 - $21

*We accept items up till 40cm x 30cm x 20cm in size. Items heavier than 2.5kg will have an additional surcharge of $3. Maximum weight our bike deliverymen accept is 5kg.

















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